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11 March 2005 @ 02:34 am
A Naruto Meme  
This is iniq's fault!! ^.^

Naruto Obsession

Created by kittykristi and taken 99 times on bzoink!

What got you into Naruto?Everyone kept talking about how good it had gotten. What brought me finally into the fandom was Paku Romi!
Who's your favorite character?Temari
Why is that character your favorite character?She's an awesome character with awesome jutsus. Plus, I love her big sister attitude towards her younger siblings.
Do you support any pairings? Which ones?Yes! Shikamaru/Temari! I really haven't gotten into the yaoi pairings yet.
Who is your least favorite character?Well, all my least favorite characters are dead so it doesn't matter. *shrugs*
What two characters would have the most boring fight?I did kinda think Sakura and Ino's fight was boring. But then again, no one's fights are boring! ^.^
What two characters would have the most interesting fight?I'd like to see Naruto and Lee have an all out battle royal someday!
Who's your favorite seiyuu?Paku Romi & Ishida Akira!
Which is better: The manga, or the anime?I like them both! But the anime has Paku Romi and Ishida Akira! *beams*
Make AMVs?Nope
Run a website?Nope
Read/Write doujinshi?Read: Not yet Write: Nope
Any other fan activity?Fangirls over Gaara's new duds!
Do you draw fanart?Nope
Read/Write fanfiction?Read: Yep Write: Nope
Who do you cheer for? Rock Lee or Neji Hyuuga?Both
Who do you cheer for? Uchiha Sasuke or Uzumaki Naruto?Naruto
Who do you cheer for? Ino or Sakura?Sakura
Who would you cheer for? Shikamaru or Kiba?Both *drools over Kiba*
What's your favorite opening?It's a toss between Haruka Kanata and GO!
Favorite ending?Wind!!! But I do like Viva Rock
Least favorite opening?Seishun Kyosokyoku
Least favorite ending?Harmonia
Have a favorite village?Hidden Sand
^_^ That's the end of this survey.About time! ^.^

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battle plans on sale: exactly!iniq on March 11th, 2005 09:19 am (UTC)
XD *huggles*

and I just saw that it's "read/draw doujinshi" ... of course I read Naruto doujinshi... XD I have tons of scanslations! (and I can't wait to buy some... rawrrrr)