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04 February 2005 @ 12:30 pm
Fandom Meme  
Stoled from everyone! ^.^

1. Comment with any pairing from a fandom that you know I like, or at least have some knowledge about.
2. I will ramble for whatever length I damn well feel like about aforementioned pairing. This may be incoherent gushing, exclamations of disgust, earnest rambling about particular relationship dynamics, or discussion of probable kinks. Whatever.
3. Put this on your LJ, if you are so inclined.

Oh, and to anyone who can guess my new obsessed pairing, I'll make you an icon! Here's a hint.... it's from Naruto! XD
Current Mood: nerdynerdy
whimsy-chan: chibi edwhimsy_chan on February 5th, 2005 02:46 am (UTC)
Naruto? Phooey. I wanted an icon. XP I'll bet it involves Temari, though. ^^

Let's see here.... How about Envy x Ed? Since I really, truly don't understand that pairing, and would like to hear about it from someone who really likes it. You probably won't win me over or anything, but I like to understand things even if I don't really, y'know, dig them.