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04 April 2003 @ 01:36 am
Weather is crappy...  
It's down right crappy outside. It's suppose to be spring, but yet it's freezing raining outside. We are also suppose to be getting some more snow. Hey, all the snow has melted away. We don't need anymore stinking snow. Because of all the ice we had today, the power went out TWICE at work. I did get an early lunch!! *grins*

Some times I hate this time of year. Some days it is nice and warm and you're thinking "Yeah, the rest of the days are going to be like this." And then the other days are crappy and cold with MORE SNOW. And then it's saying "No, we don't want Winter to be over with just yet. We don't care if it's already JULY." Sometimes Wisconsin just BITES!! Feh!

On a brighter note, when I got home today I felt very artistic! I usually don't get like that. Infact, I haven't drawn a picture in almost a year. Damn, time flies. Well, it's still pretty crappy. I don't draw very well. Not like some people I know (fablespinner and baby_pen). It's just a pencil sketch. I can't even color it. Don't know how to color using Photoshop. Well, here it is. It's a sketch of Elizabeth Noventa. Because I'm playing her character in the ttdsdg RPG, she's been on my mind lately. Don't ask me why. Just is. Well, I hope you like it. And if anyone who knows how to color using Photoshop or anything wants to color it for me, be my guest!!

Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: DDR - Moonlight Shadow