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17 April 2004 @ 02:48 am
Oi, captaincold2k! I just visited Toonami Arsenal and downloaded the first preview of Gundam SEED. And guess who's voice just happens to be on that preview?? Oh..... Scott McNeil. WTF?!? I thought he wasn't suppose to be in this, but apparently he is. -__-;

Oh, and it starts at 9:30 pm, so you should defiantly be here by then to watch it with me. I'm still iffy about the English version. *sighs* Oh, well. We'll find out tomorrow.
Current Mood: contemplativeDumbfound
Current Music: "100 Years" - Five for Fighting
Captain Cold says....: Blue Beetle 001captaincold2k on April 17th, 2004 10:35 am (UTC)
Mr. McNiel,.....Ok, I'll see you there!!