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01 April 2008 @ 12:19 pm
I'm home  
nee_chan and I got back to Whitewater around midnight Sunday night after driving 12 1/2 hours straight from DC to Wisconsin. We immediately went to bed! She decided to skip her first class, but went to her second. I showered and packed Alphonse back up. When she got back from class, we watched "Bang Bang You're Dead" (I've been trying to get her to watch that movie for some time now) and then I drove back home.

So, now I'm back at work. I had a FABULOUS time in the Pitts, DC, and NYC with my Nee and thatgaykid!! Definitely want to go back to New York and stay a lot longer. So many things I want to still see and do! Now, to focus on ACen.

I don't wanna be back to work!!! ;__;
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