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18 May 2003 @ 08:24 pm
ACEN hits rock bottom.  
Ahh... ACen sucked ass this year. First they put us in the wrong room. Little dinky room with one King sized bed. I'm sorry, but 6 people are not going to fit in that. Complained and got a bigger room, but again, with one King sized bed. Ugh. Managed to cram 3 people in the bed, 1 on a roll away and 2 on an aero bed. Decent.

Waited in line for OVER 2 HOURS to get our registration badges. We pre-registered for god sakes, and we still waited in line to get them. WTF??

Some of my friends went to the Yaoi panel and said it basically turned into a slash panel.

The music videos were decent.

The MegaTokyo panel was great!

Wendee Lee never came. Very upset about that!

Missed Richard Cox's panel because it ended early.

The Masquerade sucked. Don't know why I went.

The Dealer's room was a joke. Hardly anything worth buying, because there was nothing decent. And the stuff I wanted to get was way OVER priced. Half the stuff there I could get cheaper online.

The were sooo many people this year, and in two buildings, that I didn't even get to run into anyone I knew from my lists. I usually see kelroni there. But never did this year. I missed my chance to meet ladyorla, herophelia, and dhaunea. Bummed about that.

Basic overall experience? POOR!

I am totally thinking about going to Anime North next year. Maybe then I will get to enjoy an enjoyable con experience!
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Kel: 3x4 forever!!kelroni on May 19th, 2003 10:57 am (UTC)
Yup... ACen did suck major ass!

We're discussing the possibility of going to Anime North as well, if they can get great guests like they did this year...

It sucks that we missed each other, dammit... I usually see you around the con, but this year... sheesh!