Apparently, LiveJournal is letting you cross-post your comments you make in other people's journals to Facebook and Twitter. If you are LOGGED into either Facebook or Twitter, PLEASE DO NOT CROSS-POST anything from MY journal into your Facebook/Twitter! If you do, you will be REMOVED from my friends list, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

Please respect my wishes! Thank you!
wheeping angel (nilhuanwen)

Tsunami Hits Japan After 8.9 Earthquake

I'm watching video of a tsunami as it swept across rural areas of Japan and it's making my heart just break. This is so devestating and hard to watch. I'm praying for every one in Japan right now!

EDIT: Now Tsunami Warnings have been issued for Hawaii, parts of the California coast and Oregon. Wow, this is a major event.
pirates life (tropic_icons)

Pirates of the Caribbean FanFic Recs

I've been recently rewatching the PotC trilogy and now I'm in the mood for Pirates fanfics! I'm looking for really good and long chapter fics. I'd be maybe okay with slash fics, but what I'm kinda looking for is anything post "At World's End" that deals with Elizabeth on her own raising her's and Will's little boy! :)
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Now, I can get rid of the sticky message in my journal! :)


Facebook and Twitter Connect update

We're pleased to announce key changes to the Facebook/Twitter Connection that address your main privacy concerns, as follows:

* We've disabled the ability to cross-post comments on privacy-protected entries and screened comments for non-Cyrillic users. If you've opted into Cyrillic services, you'll still be able to cross-post protected and screened comments. (If you recently opted into Cyrillic services to purchase custom userheads, you can opt out and retain your purchased userheads.)

* If you haven't added your Twitter or Facebook information to your Account Settings, you will not see the cross-posting checkboxes when posting comments. You will still see the checkboxes when posting an entry, but they will be disabled.

* You will no longer see cross-posting checkboxes when you edit a comment.

Thank you, LJ, but you shouldn't have made this an option in the first place! >:E
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